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About Us

The purpose of the College and Young Professionals Ministry is to develop young adults to be world visionary, world impacting, disciple makers wherever they go in life. Our desire is to see young adults in this generation become so in love with the Lord Jesus Christ that for the rest of their lives, whether it be on the mission field or in the office, they are impacting the world for Christ daily with how they live their lives.

Meet Our Staff

Josh Sinquefield - Minister to College Students and Young Professionals
(901) 386.4785

joshI moved to Memphis in 1994 from orlando, Florida when my dad took the position of Pastor at Faith Baptist Church. I have grown up here and I love this city. I graduated from Bolton High School, Union University with my Bachelor of Science in History and Christian Studies, and from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity.
I am married to Erin, the most wonderful girl in the world! We have been married since October 15, 2011. I have a passion for leading others in discipleship relationships to be more in love with Jesus Christ. In my role as College Minister, I get the opportunity to serve students and challenge them to grow in their personal walk with Jesus.
I love being a part of our College Connection Class on Sunday mornings, our inhome bible study on Tuesday nights, and Exchange on Wednesday nights.
We know there are a lot of fantastic Young Adult Ministries in the area. The truth is, we believe that who you serve and worship is so much more important than where. God is doing some amazing things in this city and our community. We would absolutely love for you to join us as we serve, love, and grow together.


Suite 104:

3121 Bartlett Corporate Dr.
#104 Bartlett, TN 38133

This is our new off-campus location. It is located just 2 miles from the church in the Bartlett Corporate Park. This is where the majority of our ministry takes place. It is open 3 days a week for students to come study, hang out, drink coffee, watch tv/movies, or just get away. It is also where we have our Sunday morning connection classes as well as our Wednesday night service called Exchange. Come check it out. More information is listed below.

College Connection Class

In-home Small Group

This is an in-home, inviting environment on Tuesday Nights at 7:30. We meet at Josh and Erin Sinquefield’s house most weeks. Here you will find a house full of folks who love the Lord and are there to grow in their walk with Christ. Sometimes we discuss what the message was on during Exchange the week before and sometimes we have dvd based curriculum. All the time you will find snacks, coffee, and drinks and a great place to hang out and get to know other college students and young adults. Come join us any Tuesday night at 2854 Elmore Park Rd, Bartlett, TN 38134

Young Professionals Connection Class

This is a connection class for Young Professionals who are out of college. The age range is usually 23-32. We meet at Suite 104 every Sunday morning at 10:45. Here you will find a group of young adults who is seeking community and depth. We talk through life and God’s Word on a practical level. This is a great place to meet new friends and get plugged in with those around the same stage of life. We have great things in store for this group of young adults. We have fellowships and small group throughout the week on the horizon. Stay tuned for more information.


Chimaltenango, Guatemala
May 9-15, 2014
Cost: $1200

The 411
Missionaries will spend time sharing the love of Christ by building homes in the local village. This will also consist of some strong relationship building with these families and organizing games and activities with the children there. We will also have opportunities to encourage them in their faith and share the gospel.

Peja, Kosovo
June 19-28, 2014
Cost: $2300

The 411
Missionaries will spend time sharing the love of Christ by putting on Bible Clubs at the local school. This consists of playing games and organizing activities, crafts, story-telling, etc. We will also spend time with some families in the village to attempt to build relationships further. The evenings will consist of some work and relational ministry in the local bakery/coffeeshop owned by the missionaries.


Wednesday nights at 8:00 at Suite 104

Incredible worship combined with life changing bible study creates an opportunity for us to remain close to God on a weekly basis as we live lives that rest in Him. Exchange is a great place to meet new friends and engage in healthy community and also be challenged in your walk with Christ and encourage you to grow weekly in your faith.
On any given Wednesday night, you will find Suite 104 full of twenty-somethings who are either students or young adults gathered in community. Typically folks start coming in around 7:45 and hanging out around some great coffee. Worship usually ends around 9:15. Come check us out!

Faith 21

More information coming soon. Stay tuned

Meeting Schedule: TBA